What We Believe

The ClearWorth Capital approach to every business opportunity is to seek solutions that are creative, cohesive and compelling. We believe that challenges provide opportunity, and that great companies are led by teams that are constantly moving forward, driving for results.

As a company, we have ten guiding principles:

  1. Put people first.  Remember that every problem and solution starts and ends with people.
  2. Master the fundamentals.  Know your people, processes, asset, market, and competition.
  3. Stay fact-based.  Ground all decision-making with facts.
  4. Communicate clearly.  It’s not what you know, it’s how you translate knowledge into purpose and action that creates results.
  5. Always be accountable.  Leadership is defined by being accountable and by practicing “extreme ownership.”
  6. Build trust.  Relationships drive business.  They facilitate speed, efficiency and performance.
  7. Think creatively.  Use company decision paradigms to identify and solve problems.
  8. Build intelligent solutions.  Create intuition through preparation and analytics.
  9. Be proactive.  Anticipation trumps reaction.  Greatness requires foresight.
  10. Seek constant improvement.  Being the best means being relentless.  Compare yourself to yourself. Be better than you were yesterday.